Bini Biniku Gangster Trailer

Best gak citer ni kn..?? nk tgk ler.. spe nk sponser sy tgk citer ni..?? ehe..

Life Just Hits Us..

I don't know when life just hits us, but it does at just one point of our lives.. It's as if in this maze of life, we finally hit a wall and feel like we wasted all the time we had just going the wrong way..

Sometimes it just feels like yesterday being kids playing hide and seek or just running around on school fields during recess.. It couldn't be that long being those kids who played played Pokemon games, collected Yugioh cards, spun Beyblades around, played with barbies, or whatever we did back then, could it..??

But then why does it seem like a life time ago now..? When did it all just become a memory? When did we all grow up no longer in the realm of imagination facing monsters created through our creativities to now in the realm of realism where the monsters are real in the form of strangers, friends, family, and ourselves..

I mean doesn't it seem like life played a cruel trick on us..? Making us want to grow up as fast as possible to just hitting us all at once, wanting us to go back to when we were younger.. where we were safe behind our naivety and innocence..

Can someone please tell me, when did life just hit us..?? ermmm..