Then ...

I miss the times when :

  • we could laugh at the lamest jokes..
  • when we could wear anything we wanted..
  • when no one would ever judge us..
  • when nervous was "having to pee"..
  • when hide and seek was the funniest game ever..
  • when mad was only for 5 seconds..
  • when the only tears were from cuts..
  • when counseling was " she's mad at me"..
  • when friendships were "BFF"..
  • when she won't talk to me over a pencil..
  • when sleeping was all night long..
  • when pictures were made for memories..

  • when texting was lame..
  • when we were all innocent..
  • when songs were " Old McDonald Had a Farm"..
  • when lol meant lots of love..
  • when trouble was time out..
  • when we all wanted to grow up..
  • when the jokes were " girls rule, boys drool"..
  • when movies were princesses..
  • when fights were over what team you went for..
  • when forgiveness was simple and trust was regained easily..

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