Chapter Of My Life ...


I have to close this chapter..
Sometimes late at night I like to think of all the bad things I’ve done and all the past mistakes I’ve made.. Like leaving someone behind knowing how much they mean to me.

But I’ve also come to the conclusion that Life works this way and leads you to better things. So it’s another chapter in my book of the never ending cycle of Life..

I welcome the next chapter with open arms and can’t wait to discover new things and perhaps new people and a new Love..

I’m ready for all those cute moments with someone.. The cuddling under the warm blankets late on a cold night.. The play fights and just getting to KNOW them.. I’ve always been good at studying people and noticing things wrong.. 

I want a summer fling, but I want it to last..

I’m ready for the long summer nights of driving around town with the windows down, blasting our favorite musicians.. Screaming at the top of our lungs and just having such a great time.. I’m ready for the kissing at the red lights and holding it until it turns green..

I’m ready.. For it all.. 

“Breathe Free.”

“I have come to terms with the way things are and the way things were.."

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