And now ...?

  • Jokes have to be immoral or racist to be funny..
  • Clothes have to be in style and that's all people care about..
  • A friendship is determined by what you look like..
  • Nervous is an apology for making the WORST decision ever..
  • Having a boyfriend is the best game ever..
  • You are mad at someone for months..
  • The tears are because if hidden pain..
  • Friendships are only about who's pretty..
  • Sleeping last an hour because your worried and stay up crying..
  • Pictures are only for Facebook..
  • You can't go a day without texting..
  • We are all WAY to guilty..
  • Healing seems to take forever..
  • Songs are all inappropriate..
  • lol means laugh out loud..
  • Trouble means no party on Friday night..
  • Jokes are "say 'in bed' after every sentence"..
  • Movie are all is bored..
  • Fights are over who has the best date and who is going to the dance on Friday..
  • When forgiveness take months and gaining trust takes years..

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