When u become a ...

When u allow yourself to become an option to a person, u let yourself become a number.. When u become a number to them u become a game to them.. When u become a game to them they will never become serious about u.. They might win u now but won't care about losing u later.. U control how u allow the people in your life to treat u.. So if u're going to be a number be number one.. If u're going to be an option be the only option.. If u're going to become a game learn how to play it..

Lee Kwang Soo, Song Joong Ki & Song Ji hyo..


  1. bila tengok kwamng soo n ji hyo,
    teringat lak kat running man..hurmmm
    bez gilerrr!

    1. betul2..syg kan bile Joong Ki xde lam Running Man lg.. Joong Ki comel tp Nichkhun lg comel.. keh3..