Sheer Coincidence or Fate..??


Have you ever wondered how in the world some people have made it into your life..? Was it coincidence that you met your best friend because you were placed in the same class or was it because of something more..? Was it due to random chance that you met someone that you share a bond with that you could never imagine sharing with anyone else..? Is life just a series of unplanned events of sheer coincidences that causes you to meet those people who have big parts of your life, face tragic events that have helped define you as a person, or caused you to be at a certain place at a certain time when something forever changes your life..?

Or could fate really exist..? Could our destinies be already set and we are just seeing it true..? Really, what were the chances of being reacquainted someone from the past by being all in the same classes years later and them eventually becomes your closest friend..? Could fate be responsible for all the events leading up to you getting lost to class and meeting a person in an otherwise empty hallway that you end up falling for..? Could these unexplained events in our lives that can only be described as “life changing” and surprising be pure chance..? Are they sheer coincidence or fate..?

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