How Many Are Like u...


Have u ever just stopped to think about how many people out there in the world are like u..? Or going through the same things that u are going through..? Or just thinking and feeling the same emotions that u do..??

What are the chances that out of over seven billion people that someone is thinking about that one special person like u are..? How many peoples are crying as their hearts are shattered into a million pieces like yours is..? Could there could be someone out there that feels worthless & damaged like u do..?

How many people are in a state of insomnia as thoughts, wanted or not, rush through all your minds at this moment..? How many are studying hard for a test only to be distracted by a computer..? How many are partying, getting high, reading, in deep thought, smiling, doing homework, out on a date, thinking of ways to ask someone out… How many people are just like u??? Think it..

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