There are days when it will seem like your whole world is falling apart & u will prefer to hide underneath a blanket rather than face the destruction that is taking place around u.. These will be the days when the feeling of loneliness finally wins its battle against u & u will surrender yourself to tears & anger of what seems like an hopeless situation..

& u’ll want to break down without really knowing what u’re breaking down about, other than fact of finally feeling the pain of all the scars u obtained throughout life’s challenges.. Without really knowing where to begin to cure the emotional turmoil caused by the weight of this world, u fall to your knees with to intent to get back up again.. It will be during these days were you will feel broken..

But it’s important to remember that even though something breaks, it’s isn’t impossible to fix again.. It’s important to remember that life is filled with these imperfect moments that seems like dead ends and too difficult to get through, but it’s worth not giving up to see our world rebuilt into something beautiful again..

It’s as if these imperfections in life are needed to realize how spectacular and beautiful everything is when things are finally going right.. As if life is destroys our world and knocks us down to make room for something better for us to see when we get back up again...

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