Friend & BestFriend..

A friend will eventually give up on u when bad goes to worst, but a best friend won't care if worst went to worst, they'd stick by u no matter what & they won't complain once..

Friend: Will be there when u say u need them..
Bestfriend: Will be there before the words leave ur mouth..

Friend: Will comfort u when ur heart gets broken..
Bestfriend: Will track him down & beat the s**t out of the guy who broke ur heart..

Friend: Will tell you u look gorgeous in anything..
Bestfriend: Will know u & pick stuff out for u to try

Friend : Will tell u if u need them they'll be there..
Bestfriend : Will follow u even when u don't need them..

Friend : Will wait at the door until u get out of detention..
Bestfriend : Will get in trouble just to keep u company in detention..

Friend : Will give u advice on what to do next to tell ur crush how u feel..
Bestfriend : Will create devious situations for u to confess..

Friend : Will help u raise money if u need it..
Bestfriend : Will lend u money & expect no repayment..

So, wake up & realize which 1 ur friends really are..


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