Edward Cullen Facebook Status..

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Edward Cullen : bored..
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Jasper Cullen : where's Bella..?
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Edward Cullen : on her period..
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Bella Swan : don't just tell everyone that i'm on my period..!
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Edward Cullen : why..? u are..
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Bella Swan : well i don't tell everyone u sparkle like a f***ing fairy in the sun or that u won't f*** my brains out until we're married even though i'm so up for it.. u're not a real vampire..! u're just a f***ing sparkling emo, B**ch..!
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Bella Swan went from being "married" to "single."
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* Jacob likes this *

---> Just for joke.. ^-^


  1. just imagine mun menaaa... hehehe...

  2. he3.. mn mena lak kta mlh 'Breaking Dawn Part 2'.. ehe..