Being myself..

I might not be the best person in the world & yes, i know.. i admit it.. I don't like to show my feelings to people.. I hide it to myself.. I'm not always myself.. I hide the pain from my loved ones.. I care about people who dont even care about me.. I will forgive you even if you stab me in the back..

I always have time to forgive u.. When i smile or laugh, i become happier & laugh more trying to explain why.. I cry allot more than you think i do.. I just go along with the flow.. Not managing to have my own choices.. I always try my best at everything.. Even if i've tried the hardest or enough, I still try harder..

I get jealous sometimes.. Get mad at people.. Might hurt someone but I'll do anything to make people happy.. Even if i had to lie for them, i would.. I'm just used to it.. But i don't want this forever.. I want to be myself.. Smile & laugh with everyone.. I don't wanna hurt anyone, specially the people i love & care about.. I know, u don't have to remind me..

I'm not the best person in the world.. But nobody's perfect right..? Yeah, no one is.. But next time, I'll try being myself more..

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